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The Food & Beverage market in Morocco generates an annual 16 billion MAD with 8,000 different points of sales; which is growing at a rapid pace year after year. The Moroccan consumer is constantly evolving and changing their consumption habits, which is why Group Sadiki is being innovative in the way the market share penetration is gained. Given the interconnected, globalized and rapid changing society we live in today all sectors are having to keep up with the pace, including the Food & Beverage market, Group Sadiki is constantly finding better solutions and products to deliver to the consumer.
Group Sadiki has throughout the decades of operations in Morocco been able to build a solid and efficient Food & Beverage eco-system that has gained the consumers’ trust and appreciation. Through the built eco-system it allows us to assure our clients the best quality possible. Group Sadiki is planning on expanding its existing concept to other cities throughout the Kingdom and internationally. As well as partnering with multinational brands wishing to enter the Food & Beverage market in Morocco and the region.
Additionally, the agricultural market is a vital component of the eco-system of the F&B division of Group Sadiki. Making sure that the products are as fresh, clean and natural as possible is an essential element in providing the highest quality imaginable. A plan of action has been laid out in order to expand the existing agro-business as well.