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Morocco has been positioned as an official gateway to the African continent and is very much considered as one of its main engines of future growth. Tourism plays a vital role in the countries economy representing around 12% of the country’s GDP and is contributing about 5% of all jobs nationwide. The tourism sector has been growing across many metrics; bed capacity, tourist arrivals, travel receipts, occupancy rates.
Group Sadiki has established a plan to diversify its real estate portfolio and expand rapidly the Hotel division through strategic partnerships with multinational brands such as Hilton Worldwide and others. Group Sadiki has many projects in the pipeline that will come to fruition in the coming years. Group Sadiki is primarily expanding the Hospitality portfolio in gateway cities and tourist destinations.
Group Sadiki is planning on building strategic partnerships with multinational brands, investment funds and all other local and international stakeholders wishing to enter the Hotel market in Morocco and the region.