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Group Sadiki is constantly active throughout the country in both construction and management of commercial and residential projects. The rental management services are also a vital component of the real estate portfolio. We target prime and lucrative projects throughout the country that have exceptional potential. The combination of understanding the local communities trends with a particular focus on the tenants care and well being; allows us to deliver a quintessential valued package to the client. Through the creativity and extensive knowledge that the team has gained throughout the decades of operating in the market is truly a comparative advantage; allowing us to dramatically reduce any possible risk associated with a project.
Group Sadiki continues to expand its land bank through annual strategic property acquisitions and has an open door policy in fielding offers throughout Morocco and the region. We welcome any national or international organizations that may seek partnerships through joint ventures or other partnership models. Group Sadiki is primarily expanding the real estate portfolio in gateway cities and tourist destinations in Morocco and the region.