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Group Sadiki is an organization, which was founded in 1980 and headquartered in Casablanca, Morocco. Group Sadiki is a family owned business, which through its subsidiaries, operates in a wide range of strategic sectors throughout the Kingdom.

The common goal that Group Sadiki’s subsidiaries all have in common is one of driving the success of the business through our values, the long-term strategic planning & investing, diversification of all portfolios as well as the never-ending pursuit of excellence.

Our values ​​define who we are and are the founding pillars of our organization. Our values ​​inspire the way we work together, accompany our clients and engage with our partners. Group SADIKI owes its success to three fundamental values: Recognition, we share our knowledge and remain constantly attentive and loyal to our customers. Innovation, we put innovation at the heart of our corporate culture. Integrity: We act with integrity to build and maintain trust and good relations with our customers, partners at all levels and most importantly our community. Contionuous Growth: perstitantly expanding, in search of new opportunities and moving forward.

Group Sadiki is currently operating, but not limited to the following sectors: Real Estate, Hospitality, Fuels and Oils through a network of service stations franchised by both national and multinational companies, Auto-Mechanical Centers. GROUP SADIKI is continuously seeking and developing new and innovative projects across different sectors in Morocco and throughout the African continent.